Our Business

Gloucester District Vets are comprised of 2 veterinary clinics, a Grade-A hospital centrally based in Gloucester, and a branch clinic in Bulahdelah. The business was initially started over 50 yrs ago, as a single vet practice in Gloucester servicing an intensive dairy industry of over 300 dairies. Since then, the practice has expanded to a 2 clinic practice group, providing a complete veterinary service to properties and communities throughout the districts.


The practice primarily focuses on 3 tiers of veterinary services - Companion animal medicine, Equine services and Production farm consultancy work. This incorporates consultancy & emergency services to production animal properties, preventative and ambulatory care of horses, and the full suite of medical and surgical treatments to our beloved companion animals. And of course, we are available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, if your pet happens to fall ill in the middle of the night!

Although a large proportion of our work is attributed to companion animals, cattle and horses, we take pride in our capacity to provide veterinary services to any and all animals that are in need of veterinary attention. This includes sheep and alpacas, goats, pigs, chickens and birds, and all of the beautiful wildlife which choose these districts as their home. 

So feel free to pop in and say hello, and we look forward to taking good care of your pets for years to come.